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Emily @resplendentkitchen

#foodphotography21 was just what I needed to help me to out of a creative rut. I now feel inspired again, ready to tackle composition & styling issues with helpful tips. The challenge provides assignments, tests & actionable tips that can be implemented to improve food photography immediately. I can get back to this e-book anytime I need to refresher to review the essentials.

Greta Miranda @theplatepixel

It’s one-stop-shop for food photography. It has mentioned techniques that you wouldn’t find so easy if you are only learning from Youtube Channels and blogs. The challenge is simple to understand with a straight forward approach - very well compiled. It doesn’t involve the rambling of words which would make the reader lose focus on the subject. Photos, instructions, challenges, quizzes and cheat sheets are meticulous.

A Simple & Intuitive Path To Learn Food Photography

Here's what you get with FREE 21 food photography CHEAT SHEETS

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Who is behind this www.foodphotography21.com? 


Food Photographer & Founder of 21 Food Photography Challenges

Laura has 10-year photography experience. She’s an ex-lawyer who became a food photographer. Now she works with clients all over the world & runs a popular food blog.  Her photography & recipes have been featured in a range of publications all over the world such as @thrivemagazine@healthfood & @greatist. I even managed to win the international food phtography awards (@foodelia) & do very well on the world most prestigious food photography competition (@foodphotoawards). For my surprise, i was quickly listed as one of the top food photography blogs

She have been content creator for years and know that working online is amazing, but it can become quite lonely and stressful after a while. That’s why she loves to bring like-minded people together to get inspired by each other. She knows exactly what is needed to bring the community together.
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